ADF – Hello Paris, hello OFFF, hello world!

Neville Brody will sound off in Paris with radical French illustration and activist group Bazooka to announce the ADF to the technical glitterati at the OFFF festival this week. Brody will be in conversation with the influential collective to explore the themes leading to their major retrospective set to take place at Aubin Wills gallery in London, organised as part of Stuart Semple’s contribution to the ADF. This extraordinary collection of work is bound to have a major influence on the creative thinking of anyone who visits the show, which will be accompanied by new publications and works, including a collaboration with Neville Brody himself. The participants at OFFF will be treated to a sneak preview by Bazooka of works in progress for the festival and an introduction by Brody about the imperatives that drove him to craft the ADF manifesto and gather the storm that is coming to London in the shape of ADF.

Want to be a part of the anti in design? Follow this link and contribute to our open submission programme to have a chance to be a part of the ADF in September.

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… and Flickr!

Photos coming soon…

Anti Design Festival onĀ Flickr

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ADF is now on Facebook

Come join the fun!

Anti Design Festival on Facebook

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