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About antidesignfestival

The Anti-Design Festival 2010 is Neville Brody's response to contribute to this year's London Design Festival by inviting a collective of creative innovators to participate and curate content. The ADF celebrates the anti in design by exposing process and showcasing the risky and the experimental in creative practice. Timed to coincide with the London Design Festival (September 18 to 26) the events will span over nine days and showcase the work of top innovators in the fields of design, fine art, film and video, architecture, sound and installation. Through an interlinked and layered programme, the festival will span numerous venues, disciplines, curators and shows featuring some of the most innovative names in their fields. Every evening we will be putting on a different performance, with subjects ranging from bands to theatre, sub-cosplay to sound exploration. And a film season exploring radical film. The event is not against the London Design Festival, but against principles that mean ideas are being restricted through an invisible censorship. In fact, the event can be described as Design is Dead, Long Live Design! (and Art, and Fashion, and Film, and Product, and Print, and Sound…….)
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